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Case Studies

The chances are the last time you went to the supermarket you bought something that made use of our packaging. Find out more about what we do and who we do it for.

  • WS Bentley / B Sow

    We've worked with Leeds-based cress and salad produce grower, WS Bentley since 1995 and in that time have produced over five million cress punnets every single year.

  • Morrisons

    We grabbed a bigger slice of the cake packaging market by developing a range of two part domes that are perfect for the vast majority of cakes sold in UK supermarkets; and Morrisons was our first customer.

  • CoolDelight Desserts

    We secured a contract to supply ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturer, CoolDelight Desserts, with the lids for all its individual portion ice cream pots. The job required significant technical development to ensure the lids fitted perfectly, and were secure enough for the pots to be picked up by the lid during packing.

  • Podpak Ltd

    We were one of the first packaging companies in the UK to manufacture and sell products made from Breakdown PET – a biodegradable and fully recyclable plastic material that is designed to quickly, naturally and safely decompose in landfill. Podpak was the first of our customers to use it.